Madhagaja, hd  full Hindi dubbed movie 1080p, 720p, 480p,

Madhagaja, hd full Hindi dubbed movie 1080p, 720p, 480p,

Madhagaja movies reviews

Madhagaja is not something one hasn't seen before, but the way the team has executed it makes it worth a watch, if you like commercial action entertainers.

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S. Mahesh KumarDirector


Ashika RanganathActor


Jagapati BabuActor

Devyani ChavanActor

Rangayana RaghuActor

Madhagaja Movie Review: A brisk, action-packed film, loaded with sentiments

Sunayana Suresh, TNN, Dec 3, 2021, 03.14 PM ISTCritic's Rating: 3.5

Plot: Two warring lords are fighting over water and bloodshed. When the wife of one of them decides to send her son away from the land to a safe space, he returns to the same battlefield, much to her exasperation.

Review: Madhagaja brings back Sriimurali on the big screen. The star has earned himself a unique fan base which likes watching him in raw and rugged action flicks, post Ugramm. Madhagaja comes with the same expectations. This film does deliver those action-packed moments, but it also has its fair share of sentiments, making it different from the rest. Does the film deliver, as expected? To a large extent, it does.

When Surya, an orphan who has grown up in Manikarnika Ghat, chooses to make a living, he takes the road that is full of bloodshed and gore. This route takes him to his birthplace, where he has to battle the same people who caused his separation from his family. He finds love, affection and more in his home, which sees him take on new goals and responsibilities.

What impresses most about Madhagaja is its screen time, which is just 132 minutes. This is not usually the case for commercial dramas, which have their share of scenes involving extra build-ups and gags. While there is a massy introduction song, some laughs and even a romantic track, they do not seem excessive or tedious to watch. What could have been a tad better were the dialogues, especially some that do not have the necessary impact. The plot, too, seems predictable, but the treatment and the brisk narrative ensures one watches it. Nor is there that one song that stands out.

Sriimurali is in top form, carrying forth what one expects from him after Ugramm. Jagapathi Babu and Devayani are a fresh pair for Kannada fans and impress. In fact, among the films that have come so far, this seems to have given Jagapathi his best role yet in Sandalwood. Ashika Ranganath has a limited screen time, but delivers well. Garuda Ram, as the menacing Tandava, has another good role.

Madhagaja is not something one hasn't seen before, but the way the team has executed it makes it worth a watch, if you like commercial action entertainers.

PS: Not a film for anything woke or empowering.

[3/19, 9:33 PM] Ranjan: Manipulating the audience’s emotions using a clever narrative is not rare in cinemas, but the success of such films lies in the way it connects with the viewers. MadhaGaja succeeds greatly in making that connection. Director S Mahesh Kumar gives emotionally rich scenes that are relatable. With an emotional story of a mom and son at the core, he has come up with a film that is also high on violence that is balanced out by romance and a bit of humour.

The film follows Surya (Sriimurali), an orphan, who makes a living as a real estate agent in Varanasi. He also earns some quick buck on the dead people that end up in the cremation ghat. Surya wants to rule the area, but a litigation case lands him and his friend (Chikkanna) in Shivagaada, a village in Karnataka. He finds his roots, and how he gets back his identity amid all the bloodshed is what MadhaGaja is about.

Director Mahesh, who made his debut with a love story Ayogya, needs to be applauded for the way he has handled the commercial script and for telling the story in a short run time. Kudos to Naveen Kumar’s cinematography, which treats us to excellent landscapes and delightful aerial shots.

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Sriimurali, who has previously worked in a similar film, continues to impress with his performance in MadhaGaja. He excels in this mass avatar. On the other hand, Ashika has a different role to play and she brings elegance to the film as a rural belle. It is pleasant to watch Devayani as Rathnamma, who is the story’s soul. Jagapathi Babu is seen in two shades, and it’s a delight to watch the veteran actor, whenever he appears along with the lead hero. Anil as Veerabhadra  and Ram as Tandava also make their presence felt.

[3/19, 9:34 PM] Ranjan: The film sports a rich production design. Ravi Basrur has neatly designed the background and songs that suit a commercial potboiler. MadhaGaja, made on a big scale, has all the ingredients of a wholesome entertainer. The treatment and presentation will cater to mass audiences and will be a treat to 

Sriimurali’s fans.